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A few years ago I started a little content page to document my thoughts, improve my writing, share a little and learn a little. In essence, it became my little creative outlet and I loved it!

However, trying to balance a demanding full time job and raising 2 young kids in a fast-paced environment like NYC left me no time or energy to devote to my little creative space. So I put it aside and decided to focus on living. During that time I went through a major life change that forced me to do some deep introspection and I realized that all along what I thought was living was really mechanically going through the motions.

I decided then to live fully and began to thrive again with a renewed sense of purpose. I started finding pleasure in every day things like watching my children argue over whose turn it is to do the dishes or waking up early in the morning to witness a sunrise and talk to God.

I started playing the violin again, I took up knitting, I rediscovered the joy of reading. I took my first trip abroad and caught the wanderlust bug. I loved without reservation.

And it all led me back here, to my little creative space, where once again I get to document, share, learn and grow. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you stay a while 😊😘.

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