lecture suppl√©mentaire Going through a separation or divorce can make you feel like you either lost or gained something…or both.  After acknowledging, accepting and processing that the course of my life had shifted, I saw that shift as an opportunity to play amore active role in the trajectory of that unique, transient and precious life gifted to me by the Almighty.  In other words, the good God gave me one life and I intended to live it fully and on my terms.

anchor I remember reading somewhere that “our lives are the sum of the total choices we have made” and in that moment I chose, to the best of my ability, to fill my life with experiences and moments that added value and meaning. And one of my first choices was to travel.

I realized pretty quickly that if I wanted to start traveling right away I would have to do it alone since I was now partnerless and most of my girlfriends were living busy, married lives.  Solo travel would be no real challenge for me since growing up as the only girl of 4 siblings I was often alone,  so I saved up for flight and accommodation, renewed my passport, stuffed my luggage with clothes I would never get to wear and booked my first trip to Europe, destination Paris, France.

I will never forget how excited I felt on that airplane, clutching my pillow, walking towards my economy-class window seat.  In about eight hours I would be on the other side of the Atlantic, on another continent.  I was going to feast on delectable French cuisine, spend hours at the Louvre, witness the lighting of the Iron Lady, interact with locals en Francais, eat baguette and drink wine to my little heart’s content.

The trip surpassed my expectations.  Not only did I get to experience all of the things I listed and much more, but it launched the start of my rediscovering a side of me that for years was suppressed and ignored.  One that is adventurous, fearless and resilient.

I have taken several trips since and the most important thing I learned from my travels is how much richness and beauty exists outside of our borders (geographic and otherwise); all we have to do is take the leap with an open mind and an open heart. As I continue on this adventure of discovery I will be sure to share some of my experiences and lessons and hope they will inspire and enlighten.

And look out for upcoming  http://netgents.com/wp-content/themes/template-parts/content-single.php travel diaries sharing insights and highlights of each of the cities I have visited!

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