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look these up Like many of my favorite authors I fell upon Elena Ferrante by chance, in a book store. Something about the book’s title and cover page compelled me to pick it up. I have since read every one of her books.

find this This post though is about The Days of Abandonment, a novel depicting motherhood, marriage, loneliness and depression so honestly and candidly that it leaves the reader either in shock or in tears.

I remember reading this book on a train to Milan when a young college student sat next to me and started a conversation about the author’s success in concealing her or according to my travel companion, his identity. In true Ferrante fashion, in the book are the recurring themes of Naples, the characteristics of women and the protagonist’s desire to write and publish her work. Which I think are hints of her identity.

Whoever she is, I am very happy to have discovered her work and highly recommend this book.

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