On our walk home from school my son recently asked me what my 2018 goals were and which ones I achieved. I thought hard for a few seconds and could not remember them all, which led me to a book store a few days later to purchase a journal, with the intention to document my goals for next year and track my progress. Cause visualization not only brings inspiration and accountability but also perspective.

petite rencontre coquine After thinking long and hard, I did manage to remember a few goals and after going over them with my son I felt encouraged by my accomplishments to dream even bigger. In the last 12 months I managed to meet my objectives at work, handle all of the things that come with taking care of two kids alone, visit 6 cities in 3 countries, start a business, build and mend relationships, all the while keeping a relatively healthy mind and body. I say all of this not to brag, because the truth is I could not have done any of it without Divine providence and the support of family and friends, but rather as a reminder that we can excel and grow in spite of obstacles.

aldover conocer chica I also felt motivated by my shortcomings to work even harder at achieving the goals I did not meet, like paying off a bigger chunk of my overall debt. I understand it isn’t enough to set the objective but I need to create a realistic plan and have the discipline to Follow through.

So here is to reaching our 2019 goals and having fun in the process!

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