Fall Reading

Fall is the season for curling up on a comfy couch with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of red wine lost in a good book.

One such book for me is TheLittle French Bistro by Nina George.  My introduction to  the author happened when I came across her first book (one of my all time favorites) The Little Paris Bookshop in a Little Manhattan bookshop 😊.

Both books are essentially about an individual’s quest to discover him/herself, looking for answers to existential questions and ultimately  finding much more on the journey.  Nina George’s books have had a deep impact on me, especially during a time when I too was on a similar quest.  Plus, The Little French Bistro was the inspiration for my trip to Brittany, a place full of wonder, tradition and amazing seafood!  A trip I will post about very soon!This book moved me to tears, it made me smile, it inspired me and reminded me of the restorative power of Love. I highly recommend it.

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