Dear daughter

I do it all so that you may one day reap the bountiful fruits of my labor without reservation. But along the way, I hope to have imparted to you the virtues of hard work, discipline, persistence, faith and humility.

I hope to have taught you by example that weakness is not synonymous with femininity, that you are given a blank page with the freedom to fashion your life as bold, as colorful and as far as your creativity will take you.

Know that sometimes life will feel burdensome and you will get tired, and when that happens take as many breaks as you need, guilt-free, to recharge. But you must not stop. You must not stop until you have fulfilled your destiny.

Always look for the light no matter how dark it gets, for where there is light there is hope. And when you need help, pray.

Lastly, remember to sow the seeds from your harvest, so that the world you leave your daughter will be a little better than the one I left you.

Love, Mom.

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