And then we were three

buy Lyrica online canada One morning a few years ago, sitting in a building management office somewhere Uptown, I signed a 12 month lease for a two bedroom apartment overlooking the East River.  A few days later I sat on my newly purchased mattress on the floor of my unfurnished bedroom with a glass of wine and a broken heart. The next day, my two kids would be joining me and my little family of four would officially become one of three. My marriage was over and I would be embarking on the extremely challenging but oh so rewarding journey of single parenthood. That first night alone in my new apartment was the only time I remember really crying over the end of my marriage. I think I was mourning throughout the months preceding my move, plus, my circumstance propelled me into single parenthood with such force that I had no time, tears or energy to waste. I had a demanding job, mounting bills and two little people whose entire livelihood and well-being depended solely on me. And I took that responsibility very seriously.

ad en ligne 75 My little family may have been reduced but it isn’t broken, it is entirely whole.  My new reality has been quite the journey with its expected bumps but so far so good, and at times great.

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