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A few years ago I started a little content page to document my thoughts, improve my writing, share a little and learn a little. In essence, it became my little creative outlet and I loved it!
However, trying to balance a demanding full time job and raising 2 young kids in a fast-paced environment like NYC left me no time or energy to devote to my little creative space. So I put it aside and decided to focus on living. During that time I went through a major life change...

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On the Blog- My Financial Goal Update

Earlier in the year I wrote about my relationship with debt and my resolution to pay it off and position myself in a place that is more conducive to personal growth and freedom. My goal was to pay off 80-90% of my credit card debt by the end of the year and in keeping my promise of transparency, here is my update.

I created an Excel spreadsheet to get a better sense of what I actually owe in credit card debt, taking into account the annual fees and interests. Based on that document (which was pretty eye-opening) I made a realistic but aggressive payment plan and regularly checked in to monitor my progress. About three months into it, although progress was steady, I realized it would take me years to pay off my credit cards and get my credit score to a place where I can easily move out of my apartment into a bigger one and ultimately buy a home.

My best option was to get a personal loan...

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Travel Diary: Paris

Paris is everything you’ve read in novels, seen in movies, dreamt about and more. It was the first city I visited on my first trip abroad and I have stayed there at least one night on every European trip I have taken since.

I have the advantage of being fluent in French so navigating the city alone is not an issue.  For those who do not speak or understand the language, luckily most of the signs are also written in English and if you take public transportation from the airport into the city...

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Travel Diary: Cologne

Cologne, Germany, a city almost completely destroyed during WWII yet rebuilt to become a most popular travel destination, was my second stop on my first trip abroad. What originally lured me there (besides its proximity to Paris, where I was staying at the time) was the desire to see its awe-inspiring cathedral, also known as the Dom...

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Life Goes On

Going through a separation or divorce can make you feel like you either lost or gained something…or both. After acknowledging, accepting and processing that the course of my life had shifted, I saw that shift as an opportunity to play amore active role in the trajectory of that unique, transient and precious life gifted to me by the Almighty. In other words, the good God gave me one life and I intended to live it fully and on my terms…

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Letter to my daughter

I do it all so that you may one day reap the bountiful fruits of my labor without reservation. But along the way, I hope to have imparted to you the virtues of hard work, discipline, persistence, faith and humility.

I hope to have taught you by example that weakness is not synonymous with femininity, that you are given a blank page with the freedom to fashion your life as bold, as colorful and as far as your creativity will take you...

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